Ian at the maternity paddockPark Side Suri is an alpaca farm in Wethersfield in North Essex, England.

On this website you will find pages detailing our stud services, alpaca sales, alpaca fibre and information about alpacas as well as news and blog details of our show experience, pictures of alpaca cria and our occasional blogs.   We also have a facebook page – click the image on the right to follow us.

We set up our herd in 2014 and specialize in Suri alpacas.

Suris are the rare breed, luxury version of alpacas, producing long, lustrous locks with more silk-like qualities than the more common huacaya alpacas.  Alpacas are intelligent and curious and make every effort to understand what we humans are trying to communicate.  They grace our paddocks and are a delight to see gamboling in the fields as their long locks flow with their movement.

As well as short items of news we occasionally post longer stories of our lives shared with alpacas.  Viv’s views include life stories of alpacas observed from the vantage of working full time on the farm.  Ian’s diary takes a somewhat quirky view of the responsibilities of managing the pasture from the perspective of Ian who has to juggle alpaca land management with another job.  There is more about our farm on About Us.

The Park Side Suri herd was formed in 2014 using quality foundation stock from several established UK breeders. Our three original stud males were extremely successful in creating daughters and we are now layering new genetics over them.  We have two  spectacular brown stud males who worked for the first time in 2018 and have progeny that can be viewed here at Park Side.  As well as great conformation and fleeces these boys have lovely temperaments.  Park Side Bedivere is a multiple championship winning male producing lustrous dense fleeces – he has top genetic lines being a Synergist grandson and a Suri Wonder Dream grandson.   Whistling Mr Pistache  is a supreme championship winner and is also very dense with great conformation – his top genetics include Synergist and Accoyo Bulleyman.

With several successful years in breeding as well as in showing behind us, we have a number of animals  for sale as we need to reduce the herd a bit to make room for the youngsters.  See our alpaca sales page for information, and our sales listing page for individual animals or sales packages page if you want a discount on a group of animals.   We will be delighted to discuss your requirements and help you put together the group that will best meet your needs – please remember that we have other animals that are not advertised and we can also put together ‘Best of both worlds’ packages of a mix of suri and huacaya with our partners at Hilly Ridge.  Read more on our Sales Support page

Our first ever shearing was on the 14th May 2015. We learned to process our fibre: skirting fleeces, entering fleece classes (and winning rosettes) and learning to spin yarn. For 2016 Ian learned to shear and we improved our shearing set-up, skirting all the blankets on shearing day as they came off the animal.  Every year as we experiment we discover more about how to use our fantastically lustrous and silky suri fibre.

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