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Add the magic of Suri to your alpaca herd


Whether you have an existing herd of alpacas and want to ad a few suris or are new to alpaca keeping we will help you get what you want out of your suri alpacas.

Before we sell we want to make sure that the alpacas you buy from us will be right for you.


For new alpaca owners we provide husbandry training, advice on planning your facilities and mentoring for the first year.  We will support you as you learn about caring for your alpacas, their genetics and fibre.  We are full time alpaca owners so you have peace of mind that we will be here to support you when you need us.  You can even leave your alpacas with us for the first few months while you sort out your facilities and learn to look after your alpacas under our guidance.  If you don’t have your own facilities – or perhaps not enough time – we also offer agistment services for alpacas brought from us.

We understand that one of the problems for the small breeder, or the alpaca owner who has mainly huacaya and just wants one or two suris, is that it can be expensive to get access to the right studs.  As suri specialists we keep the studs we need for our own breeding programme and we will make those genetics available to you at an affordable price.  When we sell you a female, she will usually be sold pregnant or with a free mating to one of our studs but we do more than that: we will give you a 50% discount on our published stud fees every year when you bring that female for a mating with one of our studs.  You will also be able to take advantage of our multiple mating discounts if you bring other females at the same time.

From the beginning of our alpaca ownership we have successfully shown our suri alpacas in halter and fleece classes so we can help you with your showing ambitions.

We spin our own suri fleece and can help you skirt your fleeces, learn to spin or get started on having them processed by a mill.

Buy a breeding female from us and in Spring you’ll enjoy seeing the gleaming, lustrous locks of a suri cria in your paddocks.  Our herd has championship bloodlines and females brought from us mated to one of our studs will be capable of producing a rosette winning junior.

Details of animals currently advertised can be found on our Sales page as well as on Alpaca Seller.

We offer up to 20% discount on packages and we can also put together ‘Best of Both Worlds’ packages of Suri and Huacaya in conjunction with our partners at Hilly Ridge.