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fibre 2015

Our first ever shearing was on the 14th May 2015. We had over 16kgs of blanket (the first quality fleece) plus another 13kgs of neck and leg fleece (seconds and thirds).  Several of the fleeces were reserved for entering into fleece shows.  2015 was our year to experiment with what sort of processing works best with this wonderful resource.  Shearing took place at the end of May 2016 and with an improved process for fibre collecting and skirting we are very pleased with the quality of the results.

The first step in processing fleeces is to skirt them – this involves removing coarse or short material from the edge of the fleece and second cuts (annoying short ends created when the shearer inadvertently cuts the same fibre twice).  Third quality fibre such as this can be used for stuffing pillows, duvets and cushions as it is soft and light.

We have finished skirting the 2016 harvest and will soon be having some mill spun for weaving.  Meanwhile we are handspinning the interesting colours.  We plan to open an ETSY shop soon for long fibre suitable for dolls hair and other craft uses.